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PWPC – People Who Practice Capoeira is my first crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. PWPC is a short-movie to be filmed during an international workshop in Cesarea (Israel).

On Wikipedia crowdfunding is “the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money and other resources together, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.”

I started my campaign on Indiegogo, one of the best crowdfunding platform opened to international participation. I know that Kickstarter is the most famous, but their projects are available just for americans, so I was out! I found Indiegogo after an hard comparison between some Kickstarter alternatives that gave me a good panoramic view of the web crowdfunding applications.

I started PWPC for two reasons:
1) the project itself talks about one of the biggest passion of my life, Capoeira (my group)
2) the project gives me the opportunity to experiment two important digital communication topics, storytelling and crowdfunding.

I’m opening my own digital communication agency so I hope to find new opportunities, new partners and a new professional future. I need to live innovations because I can’t help my clients just reading case histories or blog posts. I need to understand how common users reach fans telling stories and playing with them.

Following you can learn more about the PWPC project, but first watch my video containing the PWPC content format. Fund me on Indiegogo and share it everywhere #PWPC.

PWPC is focused on the people who practice Capoeira, not just on teachers or acrobatic movements. The workshop will host people from all over the world mashing faces, cultures, religions and traditions.

In Cesarea attendees from Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Russia, India and obviously, Israel are already confirmed. During the event the Israeli Capoeira group will celebrate its 20th anniversary with the participation of Grande Mestre Suassuna from Sao Paulo in Brazil.

An event like this can be possible because Capoeira is not just a sport, it’s culture, music, happiness, entertainment, acrobatic and sensuality.

Capoeira is a democratic world where everyone can find his role.
In Capoeira nobody cares if you are not able to do a mortal jump or a fire kick.
In Capoeira nobody cares of your religion or your skin.
Capoeira is a well-rithmed chaos of feelings, movements and people.
People who practice Capoeira is a project about faces and experiences, not only about the sport that at least is just a part of the group life.

If Capoeira is a well-rithmed chaos of feelings, movements and people, the filming technology must follow the chaos in it.

PWPC will be filmed with a GoPro HD Hero2, the best sports-cam in the world used for extreme sport movies. I chose the GoPro because I want mash the extreme shoots of the acrobatic scenes with the moving interviews of the participants. I’ll adopt an experimental shooting approach thanks to the incredible GoPro filming technology.

Fund it on Indiegogo 🙂

I'm an husband, a Digital Product Manager, a Capoerist and an automotive enthusiast based in the Milan area. This is my personal website where I write about Digital Communication, Product Design, User Experience and Web Marketing. Currently open to new challenges and interesting projects among Italy and Brazil.

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