My business starts from me

I started my entrepreneurial career one cold winter day some months ago.

That night I discovered by chance that the domain was free, so indistinctly I bought it for 1.20 €.
After the first “big” investment I started thinking about the business models, the strategies, the technologies, the partnerships and so on.

Today, almost 10 months later, I’m ready to share with you my experience.

Shopping in Italy is the “Italian products selection by Antonio Patti”.
What does it mean? Why is it so self-referential?

The answer is in the three business models that I identified.

  • selling products
  • selling contents
  • selling brand and network

Selling products
Shopping in Italy is an ecommerce where I put on sale Italian products that usually are not on sale anywhere in english. I personally search, select and take the pictures of the products. I put on sale only the products that I’d like to buy, and the first thing that I care about is quality.

Selling contents
On the Shopping in Italy Blog and on the social media I describe my vision of Italy. I mix original posts, videos and pictures with the best contents that I find on Internet.
I aggregate and analyze contents, I try to engage people that are interested in something Italian, and at last I try to find partners that publish anything interesting.

Selling brand and network
Products, contents, followers and relationships will create the Sii network. Shopping in Italy will be the first onf line project that will aggregate people, selected contents and local businesses through the web and the social media.

I built the Shopping in Italy business strategy around me for different reasons.
The first one is that I think that I’m able to aggregate and select both products and contents, and then because I think that just being me I can differentiate my shop from the others.

How I’ll manage everything?
That’s a secret that I’ll reveal you in the future when I’ll complete the first months of activity.
For the moment you can visit Shopping in Italy and watch the show 😉

I'm an husband, a Digital Product Manager, a Capoerist and an automotive enthusiast based in the Milan area. This is my personal website where I write about Digital Communication, Product Design, User Experience and Web Marketing. Currently open to new challenges and interesting projects among Italy and Brazil.

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