Hi all,
this is the first post of my new professional Blog where I’ll write about my work in digital media and my projects. I decided to open this Blog because I want live the digital communication world in a new way firstly using English, and secondly sharing entirely the projects that I did in these years.

I’d like to develop my skills and my network. I want improve my English too, but principally I want promote the Italian style participating to the global discussion.

Professionally I’m even searching for something that could modify the classic internet entrepreneurhip through onfline communication. I think that in Italy we’ll never see million of euros of venture capitalism, and will be difficult even to have State’s support for youth entrepreneurship. so I would find a different way to share, collaborate, work and ACT!

I want work locally with the italian resources connecting them to the world through this Blog and its immature english. I know that I’ll do a lot of mistakes, but please don’t hurt me!

This is my welcome article, but I’ll post something more in the next days. In the meantime you can read something about me here or looking at the different headers that I draw by hands not (only) because I don’t know Photoshop. The concept of the headers is onfline too, but the calligraphy is mine. Sorry!

See you soon.

I'm an husband, a Digital Product Manager, a Capoerist and an automotive enthusiast based in the Milan area. This is my personal website where I write about Digital Communication, Product Design, User Experience and Web Marketing. Currently open to new challenges and interesting projects among Italy and Brazil.

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